Analogue Effect Devices


Passive single-loop switcher intended as a pedalboard bypass. I built this because in general I like using my pedalboard but there is also something inspiring about going unbuffered straight into the amp. This lets me do both with one switch. This is the first pedal I built.

Electrical characteristics:

Completed in November 2020


Passive double-loop switcher intended as an "effect-grouper". I built this so I could put e.g. all of my gain stages behind a single switch, but also to see how far I could push my aluminium etching process. The pictures show the results after about 8 transfer attempts on a test enclosure.

Electrical characteristics:

Completed in December 2020


Resistive attenuator to make my amplifier usable at bedroom levels, with up to 20 dB attenuation and two treble bleed options. This was also an opportunity to learn how to precisely drill large holes in aluminium without a pillar drill.

Electrical characteristics:

Completed in January 2021


True bypass, full-spectrum JFET booster with optional high-pass filter to act as a treble boost. I built this as an "always-on" pedal to boost my Telecaster into tube amps, but I found that it also works very nicely to thicken up the sound of my tubescreamer for leads.

Electrical characteristics:

Completed in November 2021


True bypass, full-spectrum JFET booster. This is a variation of the Ignis circuit featuring more gain and no treble bleed. I also modified the volume stage to have unity gain as the minimum volume and finer control over the gain range. The higher gain means that hotter pickups are more subject to distortion, but an 18V supply can be used to increase the headroom.

Electrical characteristics:

Completed in March 2022


True bypass TS808 clone, 3 units built. Although not ideal, I used linear potentiometers for the tone control, meaning the sharp treble response only kick in when the knob is almost maxed out. Otherwise it sounds a lot like my JHS Bonsai in TS808 mode.

Electrical characteristics:

Completed in August 2022